About FOIA

The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), located § 2.2-3700, et. seq., of the Code of Virginia, guarantees citizens of the Commonwealth and certain news outlets the right to request and receive public records held by public bodies, officials and employees, subject to certain exemptions.

A public record is any writing or recording—regardless of whether it is paper, electronic, video or any other format—that is prepared, owned by or in the possession of a public body or its officers, employees or agents in the transaction of public business. 公共记录被认为是公开的,只有在特定的法定豁免适用的情况下才可以保留.

《彩票app》的目的是提高所有人对政府活动的认识. FOIA requires that the law be interpreted liberally, in favor of access, and that any exemption from public access must be interpreted narrowly.

Your FOIA Rights


  • The right to request to inspect or receive copies of public records, or both.
  • The right to request that any charges for the requested records be estimated in advance.
  • 如果认为《彩票app》规定的权利受到侵犯,有权向地区法院或巡回法院提出申诉,要求遵守《彩票app》. Alternatively, the FOIA Council can be contacted for a nonbinding advisory opinion.

Requesting Records from Longwood University

Requests for access to public records may be made by U.S. mail, e-mail, in person or over the phone. FOIA does not require that your request be in writing, nor do you need to specifically state that you are requesting records under FOIA.

From a practical perspective, 以书面形式提出请求可能对你和收到请求的人都有帮助. 这样你就可以为你的请求创建一个记录,并清楚地说明所请求的记录,这样就不会对口头请求产生误解. However, Longwood will respond to your FOIA request if you elect to not put it in writing.

  • Requests must identify the records being sought with “reasonable specificity.” This is a common-sense standard. It does not refer to or limit the volume or number of records that are being requested; instead, 它要求你足够具体,以便彩票app能够识别和定位你正在寻找的记录.
  • FOIA requests must seek access to existing records or documents. 《彩票app》不要求提供现有记录或文件中没有的信息, answering general questions about the work of Longwood University, or the creation of records that do not already exist.
  • Requestors may choose to receive electronic records in any format used by Longwood University in the regular course of business. For example, if the requested records are maintained in an Excel database, you may elect to receive those records electronically, via e-mail or to receive a printed copy of those records.

Making a FOIA request is not an adversarial process, 但可能有必要讨论特定的请求,以确保充分了解请求的性质和范围. If we have questions about your request, please cooperate with staff efforts to clarify the type of records that you are seeking, or to attempt to reach a reasonable agreement about a response to a large request.

Make a FOIA Request

Requests for records from Longwood University and/or any questions may be directed to:

Lauren Whittington
FOIA Officer, Longwood University
201 High Street
Farmville, VA 23909
Phone: (434) 395-2023

Longwood University's Responsibilities in Responding to Your Request

Longwood University must respond to your request within five working days of receiving it. “Day one” is considered the day after your request is received. 五天的时间不包括周末、节假日或彩票app放假的日子.

要求提供公共记录的原因是无关的,在大学回应你的请求之前不需要确定. However, 《彩票app》确实允许彩票app要求你提供你的姓名和合法地址,并寻求对任何要求的澄清.


  1. Provide the records that you have requested in their entirety.
  2. 保留所有要求的记录,因为所有记录都受到特定的法定豁免. If all of the records are being withheld, 必须提供书面答复,说明被扣留记录的数量和主题, as well as the specific section of the Code of Virginia that permits withholding.
  3. Provide some of the requested records and withhold others. An entire record cannot be withheld if only a portion of it is subject to an exemption. In that instance, 记录的受保护部分可以被编辑,记录的其余部分将被提供. 将提供一份引用《彩票app》中允许扣留部分请求记录的特定章节的书面答复.
  4. Inform you in writing that the requested records cannot be found or do not exist. (Longwood University does not have the records you want.) However, if Longwood University knows that another public body has the requested records, we must include contact information for the other public body in our response. 
  5. 如果彩票app实际上不可能在五天内对《彩票app》的要求作出回应, a written response to this effect must be provided, in which case, FOIA permits seven additional working days to respond to the request. 

If a very large volume of records is requested, or, 在其他情况下,在不影响大学其他组织职责的情况下,难以或不可能在12个工作日内提供所要求的记录, 《彩票app》要求彩票app尽合理努力就记录的制作达成协议. If an agreement cannot be reached, 彩票app可能有必要通过法院寻求额外回应时间的许可. 


A public body may make reasonable charges not to exceed its actual cost incurred in accessing, duplicating, supplying, 或搜索所要求的记录,并应尽一切合理努力以尽可能低的成本提供所要求的记录. No public body shall impose any extraneous, intermediary, 或盈余费用或开支,以收回与建立或维持记录或处理公共机构的一般业务有关的一般成本. Any duplicating fee charged by a public body shall not exceed the actual cost of duplication. Prior to conducting a search for records, 公共机构应书面通知请求人,公共机构可收取不超过其查阅所发生的实际费用的合理费用, duplicating, supplying, 或查找所要求的记录,并询问请求人是否愿意按照第§F款的规定在提供所要求的记录之前要求预估费用 2.2-3704 of the Code of Virginia. 请求估算允许请求者提前了解任何成本,并且可以提供修改请求以尝试降低估算成本的机会.

FOIA permits agencies to charge for the actual costs of responding to requests, such as time spent searching the requested records, 每张纸的复印或打印费用或与提供要求的记录直接相关的任何其他费用. Charges cannot include general overhead costs. Longwood员工进行研究和/或准备回复的时薪(基本工资)以及满足请求所需的小时数将用于计算请求方的总时间成本估算. 费用包括研究,查找记录,数据分析和修订的时间,如果需要的话. Longwood University may waive fees for smaller public records requests.

If the cost to fulfill the request is estimated to be more than $200, the university may require a deposit, not to exceed the amount of the estimate, before proceeding with your request. 五天的回复时间不包括从学校要求押金到你回复的时间.

An estimate is just that—an estimate. Actual costs may be greater or lesser than the estimated amount. In which case, 彩票app将退还任何已支付的超额费用,或为任何到期余额提供发票. 如果因先前的《彩票app》请求而欠彩票app的未偿余额超过30天未付, 彩票app在回应来自同一个人的新的《彩票app》请求之前,可能会要求支付过期金额.

Types of Records Maintained by Longwood University

Longwood University maintains many different types of public records, including scholastic records; research records; personnel records; contracts, law enforcement records; correspondence created in the course of public business, etc.

Common FOIA Exemptions

The Code of Virginia allows public bodies to withhold certain records from public disclosure. Longwood University commonly withholds records, including but not limited to, the following exemptions:

  • Scholastic records [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.4(A)(1) and §2.2-3705.4(B)]
  • Personnel records [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.1(1)]
  • Public safety, health and social services records [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.2 and §2.2-3705.5]
  • Working papers and correspondence of the President of Longwood University [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.7(2)]
  • Records subject to attorney-client privilege [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.1(2)] or attorney work product [Code of Virginia §2.2-3705.1(3)]
  • Faculty proprietary information [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.4(4)]
  • Vendor proprietary information [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.1(6)]
  • Records relating to the negotiation and award of a contract, prior to a contract being awarded [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.1(12)]
  • Appraisals and cost estimates of real property subject to a proposed purchase, sale, or lease, prior to the completion of such purchase, sale, or lease [Code of Virginia 2.2-3705.1(8)]